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Natural reservations and tourist attractions

Natural reservations and tourist attractions

Near Strzelce Opolskie there are three natural reservations:

  • Wood - Kamień Śląski
  • Folklore - Ligota Dolna
  • Geology - Annaberg

Annaberg (St. Anne Mountain - commune of Leśnica) (400 m above the sea level) and the town of the same name is situated 17 km south from Strzelce Opolskie. A geological-landscape reservation was created in the south-west slope of the mountain in 1972. There is a closed basalt quarry, changed into an amphitheatre in the years 1934 - 1938. There is a monument of Silesian Uprising (sculpture by Xawery Dunikowski, 1955). On top of the mountain there is a Franciscan monastery - the site of religious cult and numerous pilgrimages consisting of:

  • pilgrimage church of St. Anne, gothic-baroque, from the late 15th century, extended in the 17th century. There is a figure of St. Anne Samotrzecia from the 15th century in the main altar - the object of pilgrimages,
  • monastery from the 18th century with cloister yard, the so called "Paradise square";
  • complex of chapels from the 18th century, creating calvary way of the cross, consisting of over 30 baroque stations of the Passion of Christ and chapels devoted to Holy Mary.

The region was the site of one of the most heavy fighting during the 3rd Silesian Uprising.

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